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Contributors’ Notes


Alison Faulkner wanted to earn a degree in English, but her dad told her not to, so she settled for a minor and is instead majoring in Advertising as part of the “Creative Track,” which includes another minor in Graphic Design. She is currently a fifth-year senior. Though she is originally from San Diego and loves to visit, Alison tries to spend her summers in various places. When she is not writing, which unfortunately is far too often, Alison loves jogging in coordinating top and bottom running spandex or slipping off campus to find a much-needed Diet Dr. Pepper.

Lina Ferreira is Mormon by birth, Catholic by culture, and violent by choice. She is an English major, speaks three and a half languages, listens to questionable music, and watches zombie films. She will be traveling to Italy this winter to finish her novel and finally add the “artist” part to her self-proclaimed title of starving artist. When asked to describe her literary genealogy she replied, “Virginia Woolf is my mother; G. García Marquéz is my father; and Chekhov, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky are my crazy alcoholic uncles.”

Stephen David Grover is an English major at BYU and expects to graduate in April 2007 if all goes well. He requests that you cross your fingers in his behalf.

Olivia Lewis would have liked to grow up someplace other than Pocatello, Idaho, but no one consulted her. To make up for it, she immersed herself in John Bellairs novels, learned to tolerate potato casseroles, and went on her first of many road trips at fifteen. Currently, her Life Plan B is to become an organic farmer in Monterey, California. Plan A is to write.


Adrienne Aggen is a senior studying advertising and graphic design. She once read in a book by Milan Kundera that advertising is the poetry of the everyday. “It transforms the simple objects of everyday life into poetry. Thanks to advertising, everydayness has started singing.” She tied for second place in the 2006 Mayhew poetry contest; she has yet to meet anyone who can beat her in Balderdash.

Natalie Cox is a senior from Provo, Utah. She is an English major and an editing minor, and after graduation she will either continue her education in English or go to business school. She is a member of the Utah School of Young Artists. She received the Carolyn Barnes poetry award and placed third in the Mayhew poetry contest.

Jim Dalrymple grew up in southern California. He is currently a senior in English and plans to pursue his master’s degree after graduation. He is also a member of the Utah School of Young Artists.

Lisa Fraser presently lives and works in the Washington D.C. area as an illustrator for a landscape architecture company. She’s single and loves all things bright and beautiful, including performing and recording original tunes, painting and drawing, running, adrenaline-evoking outdoor activities, and attractive men.

Joseph Friend is a senior majoring in English. He works as a radio journalist in Provo, where he lives with his wife, Brooke. His creative work has recently appeared in Inscape and storySouth.

Michael Judd was born in South Jordan, Utah, where trains carry cows instead of people. As a student in New Jersey, a trip to New York made Michael a train passenger for the first time. “The Junction” was the inevitable result. Despite claims made in the poem, Michael does not, in fact, know how to rewire a lamp.

Steven Kent is from Atlanta, Georgia. He is a senior majoring in English and minoring in film. His critical essay “Actual Weakness in Othello and Much Ado About Nothing” will soon be published in BYU’s newly formed journal of literary criticism.

Chris Nielsen was grown in the fertile San Joaquin Valley of California. He is currently pursuing an MA degree in Latin American literature at BYU, focusing his research on the relationship between literature and music in Chile’s various social movements. Chris delights in the poetry of Whitman, Unamuno, Neruda, Kinnell, and Zagajewski. Jazz recently arrived in Chris’s life. He takes D&C 98:16 literally.

Jon Ogden is a literature major and a business minor. He works at the Writing Center at BYU, and he plans to write seven more poems.


Erin Dickerson Ott was born and raised in Connecticut. In 1994 Erin won first place in the Cromwell Grange poster contest and was awarded a prize of $1. Her total prize winnings to date equal $1. Erin married Bryce Ott in 2002 and welcomed a son named William in 2005. Erin completed her undergraduate degree in English at BYU in 2004 and is eagerly looking forward to her graduation from the J. Reuben Clark Law School this April.

Julia DeLong is an economics student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Besides economics, she enjoys writing, reading, translating, and music. When she’s not at school in Provo, she is usually either at her parents’ home near Minneapolis or visiting friends in Hungary, where she has been an exchange student, intern, and missionary. She’s not sure yet what she wants to be when she grows up, but is more likely to be a writer than an economist.

Wendy Wittwer recently graduated from BYU with a bachelor’s degree in English. Her other prestigious accomplishments include winning a gold medal for thumb wrestling, beating her older brother in Risk once, and co-authoring an unpublished book of limerick verses about the O.J. Simpson trial in the fifth grade. She now lends her editorial support to a Big Kid Company. When she’s not vanquishing apostrophe offenders, she can be found reading Victorian literature, spreading Bolly cheer, and wishing she were in England.

Jeffrey Tucker has alternately been an actor, a missionary, a guitarist, a businessman, and a teacher. Now he devotes his time to writing and his graduate studies, which, luckily, coincide. Jeffrey enjoys writing work that explores the role of form in fiction, which is, he says, “fun.”


Julie Cahoon was born in Colorado and spent her whole life there until her college days at BYU. She was very indecisive about her major until she took an art class and decided to move her life in that direction. In April 2003 she was accepted into the art program at BYU. After her mission to Scotland she refocused toward industrial design and is currently working as the graphic designer at the Daily Universe.

Ashley Christensen was born and raised in Provo, Utah. She served a mission in Uruguay and is a painting major and English minor at BYU. She likes skiing, bookbinding, writing poetry, and having friends.

McKay Christensen graduated from Spanish Fork High School in 2000. He enjoys anything musical and plays brass instruments and the guitar. He likes anything outdoors. He works at RoboTronics in Springville, Utah, fixing robots and working on their webpage. He is an Industrial Design Major at BYU.

A. Demos is a senior majoring in Studio Art and will graduate with her BFA in December, 2006. She grew up in the DC area and finished her high school years in Pennsylvania. After obtaining an MFA in painting in graduate school, she plans to continue her painting career where she will continue to use her husband, John, and daughter, Zoe, as models. She currently works illustrating intermediate level readers.

Jonette Jenkins is twenty-seven years old. A sophomore in the Industrial Design Major, she was born and raised Tucson, Arizona. Jonette is the youngest of seven children and served a mission in Tacoma, Washington.