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Contributors’ Notes

Short Story

Erin Barker

Is a senior at BYU majoring in English teaching with a minor in Spanish teaching. She is a big fan of Inscape.

D.C. Nelson

Was born more than a quarter-century ago in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Unaware that Victorianism was long ago dead, D.C. spent most of his youth writing medieval-themed ballads in the style of J.R.R. Tolkien. When he discovered that no one liked rhyming poetry, D.C. left for a two-year stint touring the bohemian salons of Indiana. Returning, he wrote a number of bad poems, a few of which were published by Weber State’s literary magazine. His life long goal is to be accepted by Inscape.

A.E. Marlowe

Is a fantastic and dedicated writer who is now on hiatus in the land of Russia. When she returns to her hometown of Provo, she will eventually graduate in English with minors in Russian and economics.

Piper Rae Armstrong

Literally means “a beam of pepper with large biceps.” However, her mother was probably not thinking of this as she cuddled her precious bundle of joy. Now, nineteen years later, Piper is busy living up to her spicy nomenclature. She enjoys office supplies, collects shiny metal objects, and occasionally knocks her bed off its cinderblocks in the middle of the night. She is a brilliant in every sense of the word. (Note: to all you literary plebeians out there, a brilliant is a special cut of diamond.)

Personal Essay

Christopher Sorensen

Studies neuroscience, like most successful writers. He frequently writes for Schooled magazine, but this is his first entry into a reputable publication. He is devastatingly handsome. He returned home to New York to attend medical school. His favorite color is green, and you can read more of his musings at He cannot be taken seriously.

Holly Rose Hansen

Is currently working full time for BYU Independent Study and working towards a master’s degree. She earned a bachelor’s degree from BYU in communications with a minor in English in 1999.

Emily McArthur

Grew up in northern California on a Christmas tree farm. She graduated from BYU in English and is now seeking some form of useful employment before heading to grad school.

Ryan McIlvain

Works as an arts reporter for KBYU-FM in Provo, where he lives with his wife, Brooke. An essay of his appears in the Fall 2006 issue of storySouth.


Ammon Barker

Graduated April 2006 in English and plans to practice law, a course that will allow him to continue his lavish lifestyle. He looks forward to his new life with his beautiful bride to-be and their imaginary dog Cilantro.

Joe Plicka

Graduated with his MA from BYU summer 2006. He can’t decide if poetry is the “higher art” or not, but likes it in part for the feeling of finishing something he started—a feeling that has eluded him most of his life.

Emily Stanfill

Earned an MA in comparative studies and studied early modern literature (if you care to be so detailed—desire, the body, and the dialectic of mourning in Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene and St. Teresa’s Libro de la Vida). She grew up in Duxbury, Massachusetts, just out of Boston, where her father would buy her chocolate-covered cannolis (an Italian pastry) to compensate for her lack of a love life. They’re her favorite.

D.C. Nelson

Is the adoptive father of three goldfish and the author of the young adult novel Danette, Me, and the Messy Kiwi of Love. He is earning a master’s degree in Seattle.

Jon Ogden

Is an English literature major planning to land a career in academia.

Aaron Robert Allen

Is a master’s student at BYU. He enjoys companionship with his muse and catamarans. He used to enjoy the Simpsons, but he is sorry to say it has been supplanted by Family Guy, his newest guilty pleasure. Other guilty pleasures include things that please him and make him feel guilty.

Linda Paulsen

Was born in Salt Lake City in 1951 and began writing as soon as she could hold a pencil. She began her English studies at BYU in 1969 but moved to Rock Springs, Wyoming, after her marriage in 1972. Linda and her husband had five children, and upon his retirement in 2003, the family returned to BYU so Linda could finish her degree. During the course of her 30+ year “senior year” she wrote and published stories and poetry for children in the Friend and Jack and Jill magazine, along with several anthologies. Past accomplishments include teaching creative writing and illustrating workshops, and receiving awards in city and college competitions. Other pursuits include painting, music, and her nine delightful grandchildren.

Chantelle Elise Daines

Is a junior at BYU majoring in English and minoring in International Development. She enjoys literary theory, modern art, old lost photographs, and traveling in her free time. She also enjoys feeling accomplished. She hopes to go on to live a fulfilled and aware life.


Lesley Colvin

Is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She married the love of her life in 2004 and graduated from BYU in April 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in art history and a minor in political science. She and her husband are attending graduate school in Oxford, England, where she will study art history and try to continue to take as many pictures as possible of the English countryside.

Aida Warren

Does not pronounce her name the same way as the famous Broadway musical. She studied English at BYU. Aida loves playing soccer and eating Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream, but not at the same time. Aida is inspired by Monet and other post-impressionists. She loves to travel and take pictures in her limited spare time.

Elisabeth Matthews

Was born in Salt Lake City in 1957. She graduated from BYU in April 2006 with a BFA in painting and a minor in English. Divorced with five married children and five granddaughters, she was delighted to have her first grandson at the end of April. More of Elizabeth’s art is available online at

Steven James

Is an alumnus of BYU who took up photography as a hobby. He lives in Salt Lake City with his wife of twenty-six years. They have five beautiful children and someday hope they will have some grandchildren as well. He loves boating, skiing, and spending time with his family.

Becky Morris

Graduated from BYU in accounting and soon after moved to California. She is currently creating a photo collection of clocks around the world, thanks to a personal interest in the subject.

David Habben II

Is originally from Boise, Idaho. He graduated from Brigham Young University in 2006 with a BFA in Illustration. David’s achievements included participating in the 2006 Annual Student Show selection and winning the 2005–2006 talent award. David gives thanks to his family and friends for their support—his work will always be a dedication to them.

Rachel Meibos

Is a psychology major from California who enjoys doodling in the horror vaccui style, despite her appreciation of the minimalist movement. She also enjoys writing bad poetry, exploring pseudoscience, and listening to vernacular and classical music.