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Interview-Bess Hayes

November 20, 2009

Brennan Jernigan: What is your purpose in writing essays, and what is it that you wish to accomplish?

Bess Hayes: I try to work through my thoughts or feelings about an idea or an event that I might be thinking about and come to an understanding.

BJ: How has BYU as an institution most helped you in your development as a writer?

BH: BYU has a lot of great professors and classes. The professors are willing to work one-on-one and give specific advice that applies to the questions I have—the specific questions I have—whether it be with style or what to do with a piece after I write it. There are many great classes but working with awesome professors is what has helped me develop the most.

BJ: What advice could you give to other college students who want to pursue their interest in creative writing?

BH: To other student writers I’d suggest taking as many writing classes as they can, taking advantage of great professors, and reading creative writing in groups.