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So Much Still Remains by James Egan

by Courtney Price

In case you were wondering, it is not too late. So come, my friends, and soak in an earful of sweet pianism brewed by local keyboard-banging singer-songwriter James Egan. So Much Still Remains is an eclectic collection of simple but memorable melodies blended together by rich and thought-provoking lyrics. One taste and you’ll wipe the foam off your face and ask for a refill.

To explain the talent of Mr. Egan (for those of you still too hesitant to go to yourselves and have a listen) I can’t stop myself from dropping the name Ben Folds. Both artists have many similarities: from knowing their way around a piano, to having almost identical vocal cords, to writing songs about fictional characters that somehow exist in all of us. A prominent difference in Mr. Egan’s collection is the lack of revenge Ben seems to be seeking in his latest album Way to NormalSo Much seems to have a little more hope for humanity while exploring the quirkiness and conflict that makes us human.

The album’s inspiration may interest lovers of literature. James doesn’t exactly write about what he personally experiences, but what he expereinces from what he reads. When asked about his musical muse James responded: “…most of the ideas for this album came from a few of my favorite novels:The Brothers Karamazov,For Whom the Bell Tolls,andThe Heart of Darkness.Tim O’Brien’sThe Things They Carried was the catalyst for “The Things We Carry.” There are plenty of other influences that it would be hard to exhaustively list. Basically, anything smart on my album is due to these books.”

This album is not only enjoyable to listen to, but proof that English majors can do far more than just edit their roommates’ papers. So Much Still Remains is a passport to explore things past written, things currently seen, to things about to happen. On listening you’ll encounter some homeless nuns and their view of the changing world, you’ll meet a disconnected operator, and you’ll find yourself humming “Worth Waiting For” anywhere you go. It’s an experience all should have at least once.