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by Emily Ho

III. Why did i get married?

You are asking the wrong question!
marriage is a instituion of love & togetherness in two souls.
aim is reproduction & all.

…let me guess tho, he changed completely?
SHE forced you too..[thats what i would tell everyone]

At least ur not a part of that virus thats spreading around called SINGLE.
I now have the decease, been battling it for 2 months now. LMAO.

4 me I thought I was in LOOOOVE.  but I married him
4 all the wrong reasons (to detailed to tell u).

Good ol peer pressure.
that and you didnt want to be lonely.
people think marriage is gonna bring joy!
foolish mortals! Falcon Punch

May I suggest counseling and prayer
Etc. etc.

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