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Editor’s Note by Meg McManama


After the Accident by Leah Fretwell
Kill Your Darlings by Natalie Kinkade
Cleaning Della Mueller by Mari Molen
On a Stick by Kevin Zalewski

The Monument by Dillon Flake
A Night with the Investment Bankers by Maren Loveland
On Selling Out by Kessia Robinson
Quake Lake by Dominic Shaw

Captains of Champaign by Carl Boon
They Had Forgotten the Taste of the Moon by Rachael Bundy
Mexican Mothers of America by Mallory Dickson
Natural Release by Lisa Favicchia
Ursula Grossman’s First Night at Pueblo Springs by Julien Fish
Ode to a Shoehorn by D.R. Garner
Deathday by Drew Rupard
Buying Flowers for My Wife after a Disagreement by Kyle Singleton
Peace by Andrew Tate
Reading the Headlines by Anne Thomas
The Son of a Coal Miner Remembers His Childhood by Tamara Pace Thomson
The Garnished Zither by M. Alexander Turner

Rosellen Brown and Marv Hoffman
Lia Purpura

by Nick Bontorno
Obstructed Ritual 2 by Annelise Duque
My Mother was a Bottle Blonde 1 by Annelise Duque
My Mother was a Bottle Blonde 2 by Annelise Duque
Woman of the Cloth: Subversion 1 by Annelise Duque
Several Attempts at Making our Places the Same by Ellie Goldrup
If a Tree Falls by Bette Hopkin
Schoolboy in Silence by Alison Kolander
Sweaty Freddie by Alison Kolander
Labradoodle Man by Maren Loveland
Climb by Jacqui Larsen
Love Story Tilted by Jacqui Larsen
Hierarchy by Garrett May
Blue Abstract (Gelatin Print) by John Robinson
Canterbury by Madeline Rupard
In Arcadia by Madeline Rupard
Hawa From Somalia by Madeline Rupard
In the Mix by Colby A. Sanford
In the Morning by Colby A. Sanford
Nap by the Window by Colby A. Sanford
Some Things May Fade by Colby A. Sandford
Stars Without Number by Jacob Stebbing
I’M SORRY, WE’RE SORRY: Number One by Tanner Williams
I’M SORRY, WE’RE SORRY: Funeral by Tanner Williams
I’M SORRY, WE’RE SORRY: Green Raccoon by Tanner Williams
Untitled by Tanner Williams
Skin Cradle by Tanner Williams
Family Portraits: Dad by Tanner Williams