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Love Story Tilted by Jacqui Larsen

“Climb” by Jacqui Larsen

“Labradoodle Man” by Maren Loveland

“In the Mix” by Colby Sanford

“Stars Without Number” by Jacob Stebbing

“Woman of the Cloth: subversion 1” by Annelise Duque

“Nap by the Window” by Colby Sanford

“In the Morning” by Colby Sanford

“Lexi” by Nick Bontorno

“Schoolboy in Silence” by Alison Kolander

“Sweaty Freddie” by Alison Kolander

“Hierarchy” by Garrett May

“Hawa from Somalia” by Madeline Rupard

“Several Attempts at Making our Places the Same” by Ellie Goldrup

“If a Tree Falls” by Bette Hopkin

“Family Portraits: Dad” by Tanner Williams