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Chaos and Control 02 by Joselyn Torbenson

Chaos and Control 01 by Joselyn Torbenson

Tower by Joselyn Torbenson


Untitled by Joselyn Torbenson

Joselyn Torbenson graduated with a BA from BYU in 2017 and is currently a student in BYU’s Education Policy masters program. Joselyn’s work often is documentary in nature and records found places of complex order. She is interested in the way that we care for the earth, each other, and ourselves. As a mother and an artist she makes work that deals with the limits of her time and attention and ways in which she can merge her studio practice with her family life. In the past couple of years, she received a juror award from the Mayhew show, exhibited her first solo show, and was an artist assistant to international artist Joanna Kidney.

Underwater Knees by Hannah Ruiz

Recourse 7 by Julian Harper

Recourse 2 by Julian Harper

Julian Harper is currently a senior at BYU, and a BFA studio art major. He is interested in the story and empathy, and he has found that photography can channel a sort of empathy that other mediums struggle to have. He is interested in the relationships had between the viewer and the subject of photographs. Julian feels there is also a need for a better, wider, vocabulary for explaining individual experience. And this series visually describes that.