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In the land of the dead

by Emily Brown

In the land of the dead there are questions, muted, no phone calls, linen dresses of red, some question as to whether we are living to whether we have woken up from a dream in another world and somehow we can remember all that came before the dream and remember all after. In the land of the dead we wander between frames monochrome and polychrome we wear our hair always in the many ways we wore it if then you knew us you know us know if you could see us you could see our usness our usness is not seeable our usness is yet apparent. You are looking at a photo of your grandpa, then photo of your other grandpa, you see the youth on grandpa’s face on face teeth you wonder how he sounded when he was singing when he began to be called, an angel.



Emily Brown is a Californian songwriter and poet and is currently an MFA student at Mills College in Oakland. Her poetry has been included in BlazeVOX and the Provo Orem Word.