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Editor’s Note by Noah Hickman


I Dreamed That We Were Sister Wives by Chanel Earl
Kingdom Awakening: A Play by Dallin Hunt
Slipping (Flash)back(s) by Mauri Pollard


Painted by Rebecca Cazanave
Back to the Salt Mine by Chanel Earl
Gail Enough by Gail Roberts
Elegy by Logan Davis
A Woman Here by Ranae Rudd


New Year’s Eve by Olivia Moskot
Constellations by Michael Jenkins
Ekphrastic Repose by Andrew Levine
Sister by Dylan Robinson
Purity Lost (2019 AD) by Alixa Brobbey
Untitled by Olivia Moskot
Nightly Rites of a Florida Childhood by Kyle Singleton
Bed(s) by Therin Jepson
September, My Brother by Scott Porter
Roses Climbing a Wall by Cliff Saunders
Ceres by Scott Porter
Upstate Veterinarian: Some Opioid Users Abuse Pets to Get Pills” – Fox Carolina News, 20 Aug 2018 by Isaac Robertson
The First by Dalan Grundvig


Kisha Lewellyn Schlegel Q/A
Matt Mendez Interview
Matt Mendez Q/A


Middle (4) by Sarah Waldron Brinton
Pink Girl and Pink Mirror by Nicole Navarro
In Close Proximity by Rachel Henriksen
Where Do We Go? Part 3 by Grace White
Golem Walk by Annie Wing
Plumes by Annie Wing
Slump by Samuel Everett
A Man Wearing Glasses in an Orange Room by Greg Caldwell
A Man in a Pink Room by Greg Caldwell
Drowning 4 by Nicholas Rex
Anchor & Marker by Annie Wing
Lurk by Samuel Everett
Cloud Lake by Amelia O’Neill
Nurturing Nature by Hannah Landeen
Before by Samuel Everett
Serpentine Verdite by Melissa Gonzales
Enclosure by Rachel Henriksen
Opaque Tunnel by Annie Wing
Conglomerates by Carrie Jube Everett
Imperishable Perennials by Carrie Jube Everett
Victory by Rachel Henriksen
Life Magazine Special Issue – World War II, 40 Years Later: The Heroes, The Battles, The Home Front, 1985; pg 52-53 by Hannah Landeen
Clouds Cover Everything by Amelia O’Neill
Where Do We Go? Part 4 by Grace White