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Make It Up by Rachel Leishman
The HOA by Allie Manner
A Million Kinds of Happiness by Karina Andrew
Heartbroken Man Seeks Time Machine by Lisa Christensen


Jesus the Pyromaniac by Tom Fairholm
Udong by Idongesit Ekpo
Wilson by Gillian Walch
Human Anatomy by Natalie Van Wagoner
Saturday at the Campus Chick-fil-A by Nathan Young
A F R I C A by Stefanie Shepley


Out of Touch by Madelyn Taylor
A History of Viola Jones Taylor by Madelyn Taylor
Proxymoron by Sam Nivel
The World in Sinhalese by Carl Boon
The Dark We've Grown Used To by Carl Boon
Lexington Avenue by Carl Boon
Detroit by Carl Boon


Clinton Crockett Peters
Darlene Young


White, Blue, and Yellow House by Jeffrey Czum