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by Scott Hansen

1. a walnut loved after the vise. 2. a measure
of wood beneath splitting-wedge mathematics.
3. an ear of corn stripped and torn for
gold. 4. (archaic) a wishingplace-dig that
finally kisses the shovel's scuffed lip with
water. 5. a coconut cast down, wounded on
a wooden stake until it offers no more resis-
tance, then slit open for milk. 6. (informal) an
imprisoned warrior, now open to supply the
morning's heartblood. 7. an orange cut apart
and crushed for breakfast. 8. a chest of water-
logged wood, exhumed at the end of a tat-
tered map. 9. a door smashed off the hinges
and trampled with pistols and flashlights
hunting fugitives. 10. a boulder nibbled at by 
chisles to reveal the immanent passion in
marble. 11. (slang) a crashing between steel
and flint that breeds fire. 12. a cardboard
form covered with crepe paper that you quest-
tion with a stick until it answers in candy.