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Scott Cameron loves hiking Timpanogos and running the foothills around his Provo home. He considers moose, Indian paintbrush, Hal, and Rosie to be some of his greatest blessings.

William DeFord, born in Kentucky, spent his formative years in Katy, Texas. In addition to writing poetry and creative nonfiction, DeFord is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and a fanatic reader. He is a senior at BYU.

Meghan Engelhardt grew up in the lush tree country of New England. She is an idealist and hopes to be an author/teacher when she grows up. In her spare time, she enjoys fudgesicles, John Denver, and wrestling calves in Wyoming. But above all, she still believes in miracles. Always.

Eric Freeze graduated in April from BYU’s MA program in English. His future plans include teaching a French Cinema course in France this summer and pursuing Creative Writing Ph.D. at Ohio University in the fall. He thinks that everything ever written should be embarrassing in some way, which is why his family wants him to quit writing and become something respectable, like a lawyer.

Rixa Ann Spencer Freeze, after studying violin performance, conservation biology, and American studies, decided that it was time to leave Provo. She graduated in April with a B.A. in American studies. She will pursue an M.A. at the Contemporary History Institute at Ohio University and plans to get her Ph.D. in American Studies. She will be in France this summer teaching a music history and appreciation course. She enjoys bookbinding, reading, cooking, outdoor activities, and playing the violin.

Jane Galt is a sophomore at BYU. She is eighteen years old. She wishes she could stop writing things that hurt people.

Scott Hansen is a budding young poet.

Brian “B-Love” Jackson is currently living with his gorgeous betty wife Amy Louisa in a humble shanty in a dark alley behind a condemned building in Sandy, Utah. They both enjoy a hunter/gatherer lifestyle; daily they forage through the broken bottles and egg cartons and crusty cheese deposits for rats. In his spare time, Brian attends the Y where he is studying English because that’s the major of choice for those who are dumb at math. He hopes to become a professional writer for Guns and Ammo magazine and eventually do field research on why his belly button lint is always blue, even when he wears a white shirt.

Jean Jones is a graduating senior with an English major and a Spanish minor. She was born in Berlin, Germany, and spent a total of twelve years overseas (her father was in the Army). Her family moved back to the United States her sophomore year, and now she claims Colorado as her home. She served a mission in McAllen, Texas, from April 1997 to October 1998. she loves chocolate and caramel and late night movies.

Hyrum LaTurner has recently completed an M.A. in English with an emphasis in rhetoric, and is currently working on a Ph.D. with the Committee on the History of Culture at the University of Chicago. He hopes to someday learn to write creatively, but in the meantime he is attempting to criticize those who can. He loves to write short stories, though he often wonders why when he looks at what he has written.

E. L. Miller loves spuds and hopes to have her own tractor and disc one day.

Marilyn Nelson is a music/home ec. major from Provo, UT.

Kimberly Patterson is a single mother and a senior in philosophy at BYU. She looks forward to graduating in August so she can spend more time with her beautiful five-year-old daughter, the joy and inspiration of her life.

Walter Rhead considers himself a collaboration of sorts—a combination of colors, a mixture of thoughts, a conglomeration of perspectives. In short, he has four eyes, four ears, four hands, and two brains to oversee everything. And he weighed fourteen pounds at birth.

Sally Stratford, a native of Lake Arrowhead, California, is a graduate of BYU with a bachelor’s degree in English. She is interested in poetry, Native American literature, and bookbinding. Sally not only loves literature but also enjoys spending time outdoors, working as a florist, and eating grapefruit.

Melody Warnick graduated from BYU in December 1999 with an English degree. She and her nice, poetry-spouting husband, Quinn, now live in Silver Spring, Maryland. She has never been pregnant.