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Agitation, With Commas

by Bruce Robinson


           It’s our time 
                       to read,
our five minutes
                       for paperview,
the urgent journals are threatening 
              to whelm us, it’s already
the signs have been sunset,
                                        verse confiscation or worse, 
                          consonantal drift,
                  you remember the verb wars, 
                               false synecdotal terrorism,
                                                           tyranny reigning,

is there no god to protect us? 
            You needn’t be some
                                        Charlotte Brontë 
                         conspiracy theorist
                                                      to recognize 
            the dangers when you see them.
            And now,
                         adamantine proof of congressional
stanza camps                              and unprincipled journals 
                    turning a corner on consonants!
         And the final envoi,
                                                   what is it?
Congress and its library
                        have made preparations for your family,
the question is, HAVE YOU? 
            Check out our video
                         before it’s banned once more; 
                                  We expose the truth
                                             and urge you to prepare: 


                         Get the words out!
             It’s on the cable, it’s on the air,
                         forward this to your friends, 
          to your family,
                           to those for whom 
  you have long since

                                          ceased to care:
                                                                          the gods
                                                                    must want us poets dead.

Bruce Robinson’s recent work appears or is forthcoming in Pangyrus, Spoon River, Rattle, Maintenant, Evening Street Review, and Off the Coast. His Brooklyn apartment occupies part of the unceded homeland of the Lenape people. Colonial settlers and federal policies perpetrated generations of systemic, violent oppression that pushed the Lenape west and north to rebuild their nations in the areas now known as Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Ontario.