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A swimming pool during sunset.

Clubhouse At Night by Madeline Rupard

Editor’s Note by Kath Richards


A Few Miles Off by Ella Jakobi (Inscape Contest Winner) 
A Bullet for the Renafern Man by Benjamin Vance
Thetis by Courtney Lehikainen
Wild Geese by Abby Knudsen


One Clear Voice by Celisa Fullmer (Inscape Contest Winner) 
A Car Ride, Beastie Boys, and John Lennon’s Ghost by Evie Darrington
Vibrations Through Wire and Air by Kirsten Burningham
Two by Chloe Allen


Translation of Relics by Elizabeth Tervo (Inscape Contest Winner)
Fragments from Ernesto and Leti by Isaiah Rubio
Relapse by Isaiah Rubio
Self-Portrait as Flying Turtle by Carol Berg


Clubhouse At Night by Madeline Rupard (Cover)
Greenhouse Vending Machine by Madeline Rupard
Mardi Gras by Phyllis Green
Forever by Phyllis Green
Harmony by Phyllis Green
caves by Janessa Lewis (Inscape Contest Winner)
RESIDUAL I by Samantha Atzbach
Uprooted by Samantha Snyder
Fallen by Nicholas Rex
Unknown Body II by Katelyn Garcia
Sister Vol. 2 by Nicole Konecke
The Meek Shall Inherit by Pamela Parsons
riot grrrl! by Evie Darrington
The Fall of the Albatross by Sydnie Poulsen
Organic Bananas by Marissa Albrecht
University Place by Marissa Albrecht
When Elements Collide by Alexandra Mazzola


Interview with Amy Leach by Fleur Van Woerkom
Interview with K.A. Hays by Ariel Hochstrasser