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Garret (Cover Image Backup)

Editor’s Note
Dear Reader by Lauren Bledsoe

Dearest Father, by Zach T. Power
Remember That Night by Mark Strand
Cicatrix by Lauren Bledsoe
Anemone by Craig Arnold
Since Now God Hath Impald Us by Kylan Rice
Wake Up, Missile Man by Sam Thayn
Only in America Would This Make Any Sense by Dallin Law
Contemplating a Mandelbrot Set by Melissa Morgan
Eggs by Sophie Lefens
Notions of Emptiness by Lauren Bledsoe
Gone by Katie Pike
The Aptitude Test by Megan McManama
Savannah by Lauren Bledsoe
Written During a Lecture on the Scientific Method by Andrew Bashford
Watch Town by Amanda Lockhart
The Procedure Thus by Lindsey Webb
And the Heat Goes On by Anna Howells
Heartbreak 101 in 3-Part Simile by Jim Davis
Orbit. (A Portrait Drawn from Fading Memory) by Scott Porter
Stoop by Jim Davis

Instructions on Your First Day at Work by Abbie Harlow
After Tillie Olsen’s “I Stand Here Ironing” by Sophie Lefens
Remembering by Wesley Turner
Rubies by Sophie Lefens
The Way Things Grow by Emma Hoskisson
Paperclip by Zach T. Power
Vientre by Rebekah W. Olson

Chuck Taylor Blues by Mel Henderson
Rock by Wesley Turner
We’ll Take the Golf Balls to Our Graves by Hadley Griggs
At Newport Beach by Emma Richey Natter
Luna and I by Megan McManama
The Face of Gertrude Stein by Tyler Moore
Within the Quakies by Courtney Bulsiewicz
The Cottonwood Branch by Shane Peterson
Joe’s Shoe Repair 330 N 100 W Provo, UT 84601 (801) 857-8027 (Ask For Joe) by Zach T. Power
Ash Wednesday, Salt Lake City by Jake Clayson

Alone Tree by Logan Havens
The End by Kalie Garrett
Teething for Marbles by Kalie Garrett
Selah by Kalie Garrett
Lazy Bones by Benjamin Combs
Sumela Monastery by Logan Havens
Untitled No. 8 by Jacob Haupt
Bone 11 by Logan Havens
Pushkar by Logan Havens
I Forget What You Mean to Me by Benjamin Combs
Untitled No. 5 by Jacob Haupt
Who Doesn’t Want to Just Disappear by Benjamin Combs
Untitled No. 2 by Jacob Haupt
Untitled No. 3 by Jacob Haupt
Your Shot by Kalie Garrett
Tending Camels by Logan Havens
Untitled No. 1 by Jacob Haupt
Am I Ever Going to Feel the Same Way Again? by Benjamin Combs
Haiku Stairs by Logan Haven
A Homage by Kalie Garrett

Kimberly Johnson
Carlo Rotella
Robert Pinsky
Elena Passarello