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by Briggs Helton

Don’t click your tongue at me,
pretending to manage your autism.
I’m jealous of your only word: “Mommy.”
Tie your own shoes for a change.
I can’t make you sit down or
eat your chicken nuggets.
Kiss me on the cheek,
put your fingers in my mouth,
I don’t care where your hands have been.

Briggs Helton is from Wenatchee, Washington, and is the oldest of three children. Briggs was an all-state football player in high school and coached Timpanogos High School shot put, discus, and javelin for two years. He served a mission in Cleveland, Ohio. Teachers that have helped him write better include Mary Symonds, Lance Larson, Kimberly Johnson, Adrian Thayn, and Rick Duerden. Briggs married his best friend, Becca Fyans, last fall. Briggs is a Seahawks and Piero Searuffi fan. His is probably going to law school somewhere. His favorite poets include: Philip Levine, Rebecca Lindenberg, Elaine Equi, and Allen Ginsberg.