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The Athenan by Scott Hatch
Do You Remember Night in Vila Sonia? by M. Shayne Bell
Telex for Clytie: May 19, 1985 by Dianna Black
Persephone in Hell by M. Shayne Bell
Only by Laurel Shelley
The Next Day by Danielle Beazer
The Family Stones by Philip White
One Visiting Ezra Pounds Birthplace: Hailey Idaho by M. Shayne Bell
Summer Solstice by Carie Sandholtz
The Crazy Lady of Ching Shwei by Carl Robertson
Women Friends by Danielle Beazer
Personals: by Benjamin Wood
try piper by Philip White
The Dove by Lance Larsen
Arapaho Surrender by Pandora Dixon
The Sleek Silver Man by John David Wolverton

Noman Pastorro by Warren Scott
No Bird by John David Wolverton

Melton Street by Mark Crimmins
Don’t Come Back for Jane by Danielle Beazer
Rubber Sharks by Brent Cottle

In the Hands of an Angry God by Wayne T. Taylor