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Out by MaryJan Gay Munger
I Know Now What I Love You For by MaryJan Gay Munger
Linda by Pilar Stewart
Annunciation by MaryJan Gay Munger
Half Full by Sam Andrus
Pablo Campues, Saint by Henry Miles
Blues at the Vacaville Fair by Jill Hemming


In a Strange Light by Tryn Elva Paxton
Wild Horses by Paul Rawlins
The Presence of Fact by Alex Faletti
The Company of Lovers by Lorraine Paterson


Of Quiet by Cory Fehlberg
Alive and Single in a Decade of Self by Dan Harper
Giving Blood by Julie Curtis
My Blessing Day by Becky Andersen


Yeats as a Book of Mormon Prophet by Shannon Foster Whiteside
Hero Sings the Blues: Music and Transformation in Black American Literature by Mike Austin


A Sense of Things by Robert C. Paxton, Jr.


Untitled 1 by Brant Day
Untitled 2 by Brant Day
Untitled 3 by Brant Day
Untitled 4 by Brant Day
Untitled 5 by Brant Day
Untitled 6 by Brant Day
Untitled 7 by Brant Day
Untitled 8 by Brant Day
Untitled 9 by Brant Day
Untitled 10 by Brant Day
Untitled 11 by Brant Day