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by Trenten Johnson

Body from Body
like amoebas,
there is only one wise asexual parent
who's regeneration preserved self
becoming first to rise after that early false night
turned dawn.

Body from body
one substance sole,
dirt and breath bound into naked slime.
Every life ripped off from the side,
incubating under an arm
budding out of a hand
or foot.

Body from body
across generations—
membrane division of spirit—
pulling apart, becoming new.
A father, a mother,
all things collapse into one body;
mangled into a thousand parts,
blood strained from flesh.

Body from body
ad infinitum.
Imbibing, engulfing,
with reverential greed the consecrated carcass.
Cannibal transmission.
Piece by piece transcendence.
As death is by breaking and blood
birth is by breaking and blood.
Trenten Cox Johnson, 1982–2005, earned his BA in English with a minor in philosophy
at BYU in April 2005. He presented his original poetry portfolio at the National
Undergraduate Literature Conference (WSU, 2005) and later that year received an
honorable mention for the 2005 Ethel Lowry Handley Poetry Prize. During his time at
BYU, Trent was a member of FAD., the Forum for Artistic Discussion, and April, a
writers' group.This is his first posthumous appearance in Inscape. Trent would like to
take this opportunity to perform the Riki Tiki booty shake.