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Benjamin Christensen doesn’t speak Pidgin, but he did grow up in Honolulu, Hawaii. Ben will graduate in English in April 2003 and then pursue a Master’s in creative writing. Then he hopes to be a penniless writer (or maybe a sitar player). He and his wife, Jessie, got married in November 2001 and lived happily ever after.

Brian Roberts is an English MA student. He and his wife, Norma, will graduate in April.

Christine Bird is a nontraditional student in the creative writing MA program. During the week she works as a technical writer. On the weekend she’s a grandma. Her studies don’t even rank as a close second to her grandchildren.

D. Kohl Glass is a film major from Mesa, Arizona. He just finished shooting his film The Promethean and is currently adapting “Strawberries of Eldritch” into a screen play. E-mail him at with thoughts, criticism, or comments. For more about Kohl and his creative works visit

Deja Earley will graduate in English in August. She grew up in San Diego, fifteen minutes from the Mexican border. Her interest in Mexican culture and the Spanish language stems from family camping trips on the beach. This summer she visited Mexico with BYU’s Spanish intensive program. She hopes to some day teach creative writing and literature at a university.

Erica Taylor lived her  pre—high school life amongst the chicken farms of Pittsburg, Texas, but was uprooted to Salt Lake City in time for her sophomore year of high school. As a freshman English major, Erica spends the majority of her time trying to be controversial. She has found that this is not hard at BYU.

Erica Dahl Price is a graduate English student studying rhetoric.  then she is not engrossed in her two children or schoolwork, she enjoys dabbling in creative writing. She is a native New Mexican but currently lives in Cedar Hills, Utah.

Erin Thomas is graduating in December with a BA in art. She is currently working on an MA in TESOL. She has traveled to Mongolia twice, most recently this summer to write poetry about the culture and political situation of that country.

Heather B. Moore started life in California’s coastal mountains, grew up in Oregon’s Christmas tree country, and served a mission among the Spanish-speakers of Washington DC. She recently married Oswlado Gonzalez and is preparing to be a translator.

James B. Dewey grew up in Boise, Idaho.  He lived as an exchange student in Brazil and later served as a full-time missionary in Southern Africa. He currently studies linguistics and literature.

Jed Wells is a junior from Provo majoring in photography. He is married to Jayne. Any comments on his work can be directed to

Jessica Christensen is a second-year senior majoring in English teaching and minoring in Italian. She served in the Italy Milan Mission from February 2000—August 2001. She has been celebrating her marriage to her best friend, Justin, since their wedding in September.

Mark Hedengren was born and raised in Provo, Utah, and is currently a junior majoring in photography. Mark’s work, both photographic and literary, has been published in The Deseret News, Ensign, and The Daily Herald. Mark also documented the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics for the State of Utah Governor’s office.

Matthew Kennington Interstate 80 runs through Hoytsville,  Utah, without even glancing to the side. There is no exit until you get to Coalville five miles down the road. When Matthew lived there, Hoytsville had two (sometimes three) stores, three dairies, no stoplights, and as many as 350 people on holidays. The Creamery Lane overpass is real, but the rest of “Small Town” is— he’s sorry to say—wishful thinking.

Nathan Keonaona Chai is a graduate student in English. He is married to Mary Hawkins and has two children, Isaac and Me1ea’ana. He is considering attending law school or a PhD program after graduating.  But no matter where he ends up professionally, he plans to continue publishing novels and short stories.

Richard John Hawkins is a junior at BYU majoring in economics. While the model of perfect competition provides him with an important analytical outlet, writing provides him with a much-needed creative outlet.

Sara Blaisdell is a sophomore English major from Portland, Oregon. These are her first published poems.

Stephanie Boren will graduate this December with a degree in English—completing an eighteen-year goal. (YES!) She currently lives in Lehi with her husband, Jerry, and their four sons. When she’s not spending time with them, she enjoys running, reading, and listening to classical music.