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Would You Swim in an Integrated Pool? by Aïsha Tanner

Would You Swim in an Integrated Pool? by Aïsha Tanner

Editor’s Note by Kath Richards


Based on a True Story by Christi Leman (Inscape Contest Winner)
Isaac and the Lamb by Toriann Molis
Death by Chanel Earl
Nine Lessons and Carols by Paul Brownsey


Genesis by Mauri Pollard Johnson (Inscape Contest Winner)
Kissing in the Street by Kalli Abbott
Cut Pants by Julia Chopelas
It’s Not About the Gloves by Miriam Arce


Reflections on a Metamorphosis by Cosenza Hendrickson
The Mathematician’s Next Life by Amit Majmudar
Angus Stowe Discusses Scotch by Joshua Gage
Sunday at the Farm by Craig Evenson (Inscape Contest Winner)
Agitation, with Commas by Bruce Robinson


Would You Swim in an Integrated Pool? by Aïsha Lehmann (Front Cover)
A Coast by Tess Cowley
Hi, out there! 12 by Sarah Stoddard
Ashley by Aïsha Lehmann (Inscape Contest Winner)
Dreaming in the Movies by Gabriella Warnick
Range Fire Stains by Katelyn Field (Garcia)
Range Fire Scars by Katelyn Field (Garcia)
Remnants Reimagined by Daniel A. Johnson
No Mixing by Aïsha Lehmann
Bee Wings by Courtney Lehikainen
Architect by Conner Cushman
Zoological Garden by Sarah Stoddard
Opal Aquarium 2 by Sarah Stoddard
Anatomy Study II by Malachi Wilson
fallen pieces by Lindsey Hunter
Still from “Predecessory Prayer” by Katelyn Field (Garcia)
I Am Trying To Stop Doing That Same Thing by Caroline McCann
Holding Space by Leilani Bascom


Interview with Hasanthika Sirisena by Fleur Van Woerkom
Interview with Derek Otsuji by Ellie Smith