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Space by William DeFord
Navy Seals by Eric Freeze
Farmer’s Burial Ground by E. L. Miller
(poh-i-tree) n. by Scott Hansen
Chalk Circle by Kimberly Patterson
Noonday Elegy by Walter Rhead
Walking Russia by Walter Rhead
There Is Little Stillness in Devotion by Scott Cameron
Venice, Our First Time by Sally Stratford
Mother with Newborn by Eric Freeze
Four Wishes by Marilyn Nelson
What Freedom by Jean Jones
Prairie by Eric Freeze
3:48 Breakfast by E. L. Miller

Personal Essay

Hydrogen by Jane Galt
Jerusalem by Rixa Ann Freeze

Short Story

November First, One a.m. by Brian Jackson
Natural Habitats by Melody Warnick
Cup of Trembling by Hyrum LaTurner
Slenderizing by Melody Warnick
Gambler by Meghan Engelhardt
Diary of a Daughter by E. L. Miller