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Fall 2005 Cover

The Fifth Year by Anthony Morrison
Game of Chess by Ciara Thompson
Daughters, hear the music by Erin Gong
The Natural: A Story in Three Scenes by a.e. marlowe

A Boy’s Dream by Dan Dunn
Dust of the Earth by Brenda McKenna

Windshield by Emily Stanfill
Soul’s Harvest Church, Newburg, Southern Indiana by Emily Stanfill
The Female Novelist Talks of Thomas Pynchon by a.e. marlowe
Conceptualize.Collate.Enigma by S. Nash Woodward
will it be in black and white by Chloë James
L’amitié by Chloë James
Pink Ribbons by William Bishop
the dishwasher by James Dewey
Flowers for Gabriella by Aaron R. Allen
Hunger Song by Aaron R. Allen
Sleeping after Ten Hours at the Fabric Store by Deja Earley
Eating My Lunch in Trafalgar Square, I Get My Picture Taken by Deja Earley
Three Poems by Trenten Johnson
Genealogy by Trenten Johnson

The Great Emancipator, Part 2 by Zack Taylor
Dead Trees and Violence by Zack Taylor
The Winter of Our Discontent by Zack Taylor
rome #5 by Chloë James
florence #2 by Chloë James
bike lock by Chloë James
iron wings by Chloë James
such small hands by Chloë James
pater noster by Chloë James
Trenten Johnson by Chloë James
Thirty-Three by Tom Reese
Blooms by Tom Reese